Our scheme is located entirely on Mole Valley District Council land and designed to encourage new retailers to invest St Martin’s Walk and meet the public expectation that any new development should:

Revitalise the Town Centre and St Martin’s Walk

Provide a range of retailers that shoppers are looking for in Dorking

Encourage shoppers to stay in the town and shop for longer

Encourage Sainsburys to remain in the town centre and invest in their existing store

St Martins Walk, Dorking

In the Council’s recent consultation on the Area Action Plan, local people in the Dorking area expressed a wish to see new retail development in the Town Centre.

People recognised that the St Martin’s Walk car park represents the best opportunity to achieve this new investment, since there are no other obvious sites.

Over the past 10 years, Saisburys have sought to move into a larger store on the site of the existing flats in Church Walk and increase their range of goods. However, they have consistently struggled to assemble the necessary land or achieve an economically viable development that would not impact upon existing shops and homes or create traffic congestion within the centre.

Trilogy now present a retail alternative for St Martin’s Walk.

Not impact on existing retailers in St Martin’s Walk or disrupt existing homes or the community plans for the Malthouse pub

Compliment the Marks & Spencer


St. Martin’s Walk, Dorking

In further response to your comments to the Council’s Area Action Plan, we have tailored our proposals to:

Provide an appropriate, modest scale of development: 1,600 to 1,700 sq m which would be an additional 5 or 6 new shops

Not have an adverse affect on the traffic access from Mill Lane

Connect the church gardens to a new public square in front of the Marks & Spencer

Protect the views to and from the churchyard

Preserve the views from outlying areas such as Box Hill

What it looks like

St. Martin’s Walk, Dorking

Enhance and improve the Southern entrance to Marks & Spencer and the other existing shops

Improve the Walk through to Pipp Brook

Provide certainty to the future of St. Martin’s Walk and finally remove the threat of its continued decline as a shopping centre.


The type of shops in our scheme will not need more parking than is already available in the Town Centre, although there will need to be some road improvements.

We believe that a non-food extension to the existing shopping offer will not create unacceptable traffic flows along Mill Lane to the car park.

Comments & Concerns

Residents Comments

Some residents in the Council’s AAP poll earlier this year said the redevelopment of St Martin’s Walk should:

Best serve the town as it knits everything together.

Encourage shoppers to stay in the town centre and spend money in other local shops (linked trips) and so reinvigorate existing businesses and independent traders particularly in the centre and eastern end of the High Street.

Bring more trade into the town centre.

Bring in an improved range of shops.

Provide greater social benefit to the town.

Provide an anchor tenant to revitalise the centre of town.

It would offer the opportunity to improve the junction at Mill Lane and the High Street.

The ‘infrastructure’ is already in place in the St. Martin’s Walk area to support the development.

Concern about the future of Marks and Spencer’s in St. Martin’s Walk.

Your Concerns

Your other concerns voiced in the AAP poll about a Sainsburys supermarket alternative at St Martin’s Walk were:

Concern about the size of the proposed store. Our scheme is smaller.

Concern about the future of the new youth centre to be located in the Malthouse Pub. This will remain.

Unsure whether previous concerns raised nearly 10 years ago can be addressed. They were not.

Parking. Less impact on existing and no need for more parking.

Query whether the residents in the Church Garden flats will be rehoused close by. Not under our scheme: the residents will remain.

There would be disruption to sales in St. Martin’s Walk during construction. Significantly less under our proposals.

The impact of the development on the visual amenity of St. Martin’s Church and Meadowbank. Our proposals are smaller and have less impact on the church.

The provision of car parking – whether this will be sufficient and restricted to Sainsbury’s shoppers only. No need for additional parking.

Increased traffic congestion. Less under these proposals.

Impact on town’s independent traders. Greater choice will retain people in the town.

Size and scale of the proposed scheme. Addressed in our scheme.

Relocation of Church Garden flats. Not necessary.

New Shops

What shops will come to St Martin’s Walk?

Destination fashion brands such as Joules and baby and children’s clothes retailer, Jo Jo Maman Bebe have confirmed that they are interested in investing in the town. Other retailers who have expressed interest include M&Co, who are keen to bring their new clothing brand to St Martin’s Walk.

What did Mole Valley District Council’s own report on St Martin’s Walk say?

In analysing whether a supermarket should be permitted on St Martin’s Walk, the Council’s retail study, prepared for them by independent consultants, Strategic Perspectives concludes:

‘…that a foodstore on the St Martin’s Walk site would significantly limit the potential for the town centre to meet the forecast need for comparison (ie, non food) goods floorspace.’

Para 6.35, Strategic Perspectives Report (August 2011)

In other words, the potential of a new supermarket at St Martin’s Walk has discouraged any potential for non food retailers such as Next, and M&Co to invest in the town.